Because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ…

We are a growing FAMILY of HOLY AMBASSADORS who powerfully and joyfully live out the gospel every moment for the fame of God and the flourishing of all!

 Family (A People to Live With)

  • Jesus tore down the barrier that stood between God and us so that in His great love the Father adopts us as his children, making us co-heirs with Jesus. We are now a family, marked by fellowship that flows from our fellowship with Him and mutual care as He cares for us.
  • To help students grow in their Family identity, we plan to:
    • Gather with our church on Sundays morning to worship God together through song, prayer, and hearing God’s Word
    • Spend time together throughout the semester (including, but not limited to “First Friday” gatherings)
      • Eat meals
      • Have fun
      • Celebrate birthdays and other events
    • Learn & apply Scripture to community
    • Share needs (emotional and physical)
    • Take care of each other/share our resources with each other/meet each other’s needs
    • Share prayer requests and pray with and for one another
    • Seek help from one another in making wise decisions

Saints (A Power To Live In)

  • Jesus lived a perfectly holy life on this earth, gave us His righteousness in His death, and conquered sin in His resurrection. We are now saints freed from the slavery of sin and empowered by the Spirit to live in holiness demonstrated by the constant rhythm of repentance and faith.
  • To help students grow in their Saints identity, we plan to:
    • Gather with our church on Sunday mornings to remember Christ’s death through communion
    • Gather on Thursday nights to Work through Gospel-Centered Life material from New Growth Press
    • Confess sin to one another
    • Encourage one another with the Gospel
    • Exhort/confront one another with the Gospel
    • Hold one another accountable
    • Learn and apply Scripture to daily life
    • Extend grace and forgiveness to each other
    • Exhibit faith by taking Sabbath rest

Ambassadors (A Purpose to Live For) 

  • The Father sent Jesus as His ambassador, to show the world what He is like and carry forth his Gospel message and will on earth. We are His sent ambassadors, marked by intentionality to proclaim with our mouths and demonstrate with our lives the gospel of Jesus.
  • To help students grow in their Ambassador identity, we plan to:
    • Have students create an Oikos map (identifying those in their lives who are far from Jesus)
    • Lead students to create Discipleship Plans for each person on their Oikos Map. “How will those you are discipling:”
        • Follow you?
        • Observe you?
        • Help you?
        • Be sent out by you?
        • Gather with you?
    • Pray for those in our Oikos maps
    • Regularly share updates about ministry to those in our Oikos maps
    • Discuss ways to connect our community to those people in our Oikos maps
    • Work through 411 Multiply Material and lead group to learn how to evangelize using the 3 Circles tool.
    • Watch “How to do Gospel Appointments 
    • Make God central in our everyday conversations
    • Serve however necessary to create environments that minister to the spiritual, social, emotional, and physical needs of those God brings to our community.
      • Worship Gatherings
        • Setup & Tear down
        • Snacks
        • Songs
        • Prayer
        • Teaching
      • Discipleship Group facilitation
      • Meals, Parties, & Events
    • Display hospitality as we welcome new people into our community
    • Lay down our preferences and desires to minister to others

With the power of the Spirit, the guidance of God’s Word, and the loving, gracious encouragement from one another, our community seeks to live out the Gospel of Jesus in the ways listed above for the Spring Semester of 2016