Brent Masters

Campus Missionary –
Longview and Blue River

My Story

I graduated from McPherson College in May 2020. At McPherson College I became interested in working in a college setting. I moved to Kansas City in fall of 2020 to pursue a degree at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and be a part of the Timothy Track where I was paired with LifeConnection Church. I met Carson Conover at LifeConnection who worked with Missouri Baptist Collegiate and helped get me involved and trained for College Ministry in Kansas City.

My Role

In fall 2021 I started as a campus missionary at Longview Community College and Blue River Community College where my goal is to raise students up to be disciple making disciples of Christ.


Support Brent by giving. Any contribution is made with the understanding that Collegiate Impact has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds and gifts received. Anything above the specific need will be used in similar areas where the need is greatest.


Brent would love to connect with you as he seeks to reach the students in the greater Kansas City area. If you are interested in joining his prayer team, receiving his newsletters, or partnering in any other way, feel free to reach out to him.