Travis Hamm, the Executive Director of Collegiate Impact, became involved in the Baptist Student Union ministry while attending Northwest Missouri State University. It was there that God began igniting a passion for bringing the gospel to those on his campus. Because of this, he quickly took on student leadership positions within the ministry. As he approached graduation, his Campus Missionary encouraged him to consider becoming a Campus Missionary himself. That conversation led him to pray that God would open doors for him to continue ministering to college students.

After graduating, he continued his education by pursuing a Masters of Divinity (Collegiate Ministry Concentration) at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. It was during this time that God connected him with a group of believers seeking to minister at the University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC).  Together they formed a core team that launched Impact Ministries at UMKC in the fall of 2007. For over 10 years, he had the joy of leading this ministry. He watched God transform the hearts of students, grow them into mature disciples, and be sent out as leaders all over the world.

In 2018, God began lifting his eyes to see beyond UMKC to the other colleges in the Kansas City area. On each of the 16 campuses are students who are making some of the biggest decisions of their lives in a time when they are inundated with the worldviews of their peers and professors. Meanwhile, most of these 70,000+ students in our city lack connections to communities of believers. With this in mind, a vision emerged of a network of individuals, churches, and ministries working together to bring the Gospel to these schools.

That same year, Collegiate Impact was created. The mission driving our ministry is simple: bring the gospel to every Kansas City collegian, make disciples, connect students to local churches, and equip them to be gospel laborers who make more disciples. We envision a day when the Kingdom of God saturates every corner of our college campuses.

Since our establishment, we have connected with 7 churches and 4 campuses. We continuously pray for God to raise up more men and women to be Gospel ministers. Whether you are a church passionate for the next generation, an individual interested in making a difference in a college student’s life, or a college student yourself, we invite you to join our network to impact students in Kansas City.