Kaitlynn King

Ministry Apprentice –
University of Missouri – Kansas City

My Story

I grew up in a Christian household. However, it was not until college I learned about what having true faith meant.

My freshman year of college I joined rugby and started hanging out and partying with my teammates. I remember that time being one of the darkest times of my life. I felt lonely and so out of place as my friends all had other people and I was several hours from home. About two months into school, I met a girl from the local Baptist Student Union. She and another guy were going door to door sharing the gospel. I told them I already knew Jesus, but wish I could share my faith like them. Afterwards they prayed for me and invited me to come to dinner on a Tuesday night. I ended up missing dinner that night, but I did go to the Bible study following dinner. This was a start to my college ministry involvement.

After a month or so of discipleship, I understood the gospel. I understood that in order for me to live my life to the fullest, I could no longer live it for me, but for Christ. I was broken and lonely, and now I am filled and free. I want to help other college students share this love and reverence for the Lord as I was shown how to do so.

From that moment in 2016 to today, the Lord used college ministry all the way up till I graduated college last December.

My Role

My role in Collegiate Impact is to follow and obey what the Lord has called me to do through the collegiate apprenticeship program. This will include disciplining the lady college students, doing Bible studies with students, assisting the lead campus missionary, and sharing the Gospel boldly on campus.



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