Kerissa Breisch

Kerissa Breisch

Director of Administration and Events

My Story

I graduated from the University of Missouri- Kansas City. While in college, I became involved with Impact Ministries, a campus ministry led by the Hamm family. After being involved in the ministry and completing an internship with Collegiate Impact, I realized my desire to continue on in college ministry. I officially joined Collegiate Impact staff in May 2019.

My Role

As Director of Administration and Events, my role is to provide support for the ministry by handling all administration tasks and planning events that align with our ministry goals.


Kerissa would love to have you as a financial partner in his ministry! You can give online or by mail and designate your gift to Kerissa. Please note that if Kerissa’s ministry is already fully funded, your donation will go toward a similar area of ministry with the greatest need.


Kerissa would love to connect with you as she seeks to reach the students in the greater Kansas City area. If you are interested in joining her prayer team, receiving her newsletters, or partnering in any other way, please reach out to her. 



Kerissa sends out personal newsletters on a regular basis. If you are interested in receiving regular ministry updates and prayer requests, please join her mailing list.