Project Description

Adriana Bonham

I’ve been extremely blessed by all of the different aspects of Impact this past year. God has given me such a passion for the human trafficking victims and refugees; being able to help them through my university has been so neat.

I’ve been overcome with gratitude for the sense of community I have found here. I long for others to experience the same family of disciples I’ve grown to love. Through Impact Intensives I have a new perspective on the Story of God and have understood Him in ways I have never know before.

God put Impact in my life at the perfect time and it has been everything I had been praying for and more. He has worked through so many people I have would have met otherwise that have impacted me immensely.

A huge thank you to all who have been supporting this ministry with your prayers and finances.

Adriana began her college education at UMKC in the fall of 2015. She studied art therapy.

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