Project Description

April Moore

I started Impact my freshmen year of college being one of two new bees to only attend the first event. Even with being the only new person and getting hoards of questions, I kept coming. Boy am I glad!! Through Impact I have made great friendships and even found the man I’d eventually marry.

Most importantly, I found a real relationship with God. In high school, Jesus and religion was all about following the ‘rules’ and trying to be the perfect person. Impact turned my idea upside down and for the first time I experienced a true relationship with God.

Thanks to Impact and my accountability talks with Britney and some of the other girls, I learned to address the heart issues underlying my sin. I also learned of the beautiful grace God gives us when it takes us awhile to admit the heart issues and even longer to actually address them. After graduating several years ago, I know that if I need help I can always go to Britney or other friends I made through Impact.

Thank you for supporting Impact and your prayers. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am.

April and her husband, Josh, live in Seattle where Josh is stationed as a Navy engineer. Josh became a believer during his time with Impact. They have been married since May of 2014.

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Your time, prayers, and support can change the trajectory of a college student’s life forever.