Project Description

Deanna Cecenas

Coming into college at UMKC, I was a 17 year old girl who had spent her whole life in church. With my parents in tow, we found the Impact booth at the Roo Fair and came upon kind faces and hearts. They offered us a soda and after a brief conversation, my parents and I agreed that it was worth checking out when the school year stated.

Not a week later I got an email from a young lady who turned out to be one of my best friends in college. I went to the first meeting during the first week of school and began the road that would take me through my entire college career. Impact taught me truths of the gospel, showed me how to love on those around me, and gave me lifelong friendships rooted in Christ. They challenged me, loved on me, and invested in me. I am changed forever because of my time spent with Impact

Thank you for support this ministry – for investing time, prayers, and money. It all is well spent on young hearts and souls for eternity!

Deanna, her husband Luis, and their children live in Monett, MO. Deanna is a music therapist.

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Your time, prayers, and support can change the trajectory of a college student’s life forever.