Project Description

Delicia Vaz

Having Scripture knowledge is one skill, and putting that knowledge into practice is entirely another. Being a part of Impact helped me develop and apply both of these aspects in my college and post-grad life. I was able to identify areas I sorely needed growth in and was equipped to teach other students.

I learned that the Gospel doesn’t start and end with a Sunday service. It started thousands of years ago and it’s our privelege as believers to continue to spread its beautiful message to others – whether by having difficult faith conversations with a friend or simply getting chocolate chip cookies for coworkers who are having a stressful day.

I would like to say a special thank you to all the prayer and financial supporters of Impact. You have helped make a difference in so many lives. You’ve helped us leave lasting impressions and reach out to others. It doesn’t stop when university is over, but carries on through the years and over to different cities. it’s amazing. You are truly a blessing.

Delicia graduated from UMKC in May of 2013. After working for a research company for almost two years, she attended graduate school at Missouri S&T and completed her program in July of 2018. During her time in Kansas City, God used Delicia to lead others to put their faith in Christ. Through the grace of Christ, her outreach expands beyond Kansas City’s borders and she continues to disciple many people to grow in their faith and stand firm in the Spirit.

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