Project Description

Haley Crane

When I came to UMKC the first thing I looked for was a campus ministry to call home. After my first Impact event, I knew it was the right one. Everyone involved in the ministry was so full of God’s love, passionate, welcoming, and also fun!

During my time I was regularly uplifted and encouraged to dig into Scripture and connect with my Savior. I met wonderful people that I am still great friends with and know I can turn to for anything. I will always remember my time with Impact. After graduating, I made a big move across the country to West Virginia. On my first Sunday I visited a church that reminded me of Impact, which helped make WV more of a home from the start.

Thank you for your support in any way to help this ministry reach me and many others.

Haley graduated from UMKC in May of 2016. Directly after graduating, she relocated to West Virginia for a music therapy internship. Now Haley is attending graduate school at Colorado State University.

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