All UMKC students, faculty, and staff are welcome to attend!

Fall Semester Overview

These are weekly events. If UMKC has class, we will meet!

Free Weekly Dinner and Games – Thursdays @ 6pm at the Kirtley house (two houses from Grant Hall)
Group Bible Study – TBD @ TBD

Summer Semester Overview

Weekly Minecraft game nights. To join our discord and server, DM us on Instagram at @umkc.impact

Dates and Times

6/6 7pm – Bonfire, Oakwood Baptist Church
6/20 7pm – Bonfire, Oakwood Baptist Church
7/4 6pm – Fourth of July Party, TBD
7/18 7pm – Group Hangout, TBD
8/1 7pm – Group Hangout, TBD
8/15 7pm – Group Hangout, TBD