Day 2 – UnBelieving Faculty & Staff

There are nearly 1,200 faculty at UMKC plus thousands of staff. Our goal is not just to lead students to Jesus but also faculty and staff members at UMKC. Sometimes these faculty and staff members are friendly to Christianity but not Believers. We call these individuals, “people of peace.” Sometimes these people of peace are gatekeepers. Gatekeepers are the ones that control whether or not we have access (or sometimes even privileged access) to unique connection opportunities. We still want these people of peace to be saved by Jesus, but we also pray for God to send people of peace so that we might have greater opportunities to connect and share Jesus. During your quiet time today, please pray for the nonChristians that work at UMKC.

Please pray that God would:

  • Turn from their sin and follow Jesus
  • Provide more opportunities for me to connect with people of peace

Thank you for your continued prayers!

-Benjamin Kirtley, Campus Missionary